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The Warehouse — May 17, 2015

The Warehouse

Ok, so yesterday I never finished my story! Now that you know more about myself, I can fill you in on my stories. I can’t wait to tell you about all of my adventures. So let me tell you about the portal.

As I told you yesterday, it all had started when I was walking home from school. After a long day of learning about the history, science, language, and math of human folk, I decided to walk home a different way. I had never gone down the path before, and was surprised to find an old abandoned warehouse.

As I opened the large wooden door to the old place, I was astonished to find a vast echo-y room full of heavy machinery.

“Heelllloooooo!” I shouted, listening to my voice answer back faintly.

I walked up to a conveyor belt and found melted piece of butterscotch candy. The warehouse was once a candy company.

I looked around some more, each foot step bouncing off the walls. In the back, there was a small room; an office with debris and burnt paper and wood. I thought it was rather odd that there was so much debris until I looked around me.

Taking a step back and looking up at every thing around me, I suddenly realized that The walls were scorched, the left over candy was melted, and there were burnt corpses on the floor.

I heard a scream echoing. Was it me? I didn’t remember screaming but my mouth was gawked and there was no one else there. I slowly rested my back against the wall and closing my eyes. How dull I was! How utterly dull I was to not realize this was the warehouse that had the great fire. The warehouse whose doors were stuck from the pressure in the air, trapping the victims and burning them.

I let myself drop to the floor and held my legs, taking deep breaths.

Normally, I would have been calm about this sort of thing. I mean death happens. It wasn’t my fault. And from all of my adventures and experience, I was used to it. Every one dies eventually….Except…This was different….

Because this was the warehouse where my father had died.

Greetings, Human Folk. — May 16, 2015

Greetings, Human Folk.

I wish you were there. My last journey. You see, I had found an old run-down warehouse, and curious as I am, I decided to search it.

Sorry, sorry. I’m getting ahead of myself. I get that way. Already babbling and just now I realized you have no idea who I am. Well then, let me start from the beginning!

Hello! My name is Mimify Fox, I’m 15, and I am an Adventurer. I’m not what you would call “normal”. Actually, to be honest, I’m practically a different species! But I am very odd compared to human folk because I have secrets. Oh, so many! And in time, I will tell you. Most of them, not all. I must have some to spare.

For now, I will tell you one that you must swear to not tell. Whether or not you believe it. You see, human folk have a way of brushing aside anything that they haven’t experienced before. If they come across something unbelievable, like a cat falling from the sky, they refuse to believe it. Either they turn their heads and frown, or gasp, shake their head, and continue onto their daily lives.

Well I’m here to tell you that you need to put away all of your Human Folkism. For this secret you must find your inner child. Children are to not have gained enough Human Folkism to believe in what is real.

And what is real? That is my secret. Magic. Magic and other worlds, universes with things that you can’t imagine if I explained them all to you. And I’ve seen them all…Okay, most of them. Like I said, I’m an adventurer. I’m also human. But, also not human. Somehow, something inside me is special, to where I can see things that human folk cannot. And you can, too, but it’s just harder for you. So, bear with me and read my adventures that supposedly cease to exist.